ReVanced Extended

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Version : 18.46.43 | Size : 95.67 MB


Get the most recent APK for the “ReVanced Extended” Android app. You can watch YouTube videos on your phone with this app perfectly. It was recently released and has been shown to be 100 times better than other applications of a similar nature. To view YouTube more conveniently, use this free app. 

This is the finest YouTube substitute because it has built-in features like “Ad blocking,” “SponsorBlock,” background play, “Picture in Picture,” a dark theme, swipe controls for brightness and volume, and the ability to restore dislikes counts.

What is ReVanced Extended?

It is the altered YouTube version created by a third party. It provides all the features that you were hoping to receive solely by upgrading to YouTube Premium for no additional cost. YouTube ReVanced Extended APK was created by Inotia00. Compared to the standard ReVanced, it includes more features. It is quick and incredibly flexible. 

You can both watch and upload your preferred stuff. No age restrictions are imposed at all. In a nutshell, it’s an app that has genuinely revolutionised the way people watch and publish material on YouTube. It is a fantastic chance for those who want more functionality and customization possibilities in this programme. A subscription is required to access the premium features of YouTube.


Is  ReVanced Extended safe to use?

To watch exclusive content, play in the background, access streaming services, and skip ads, users must pay $11.99 per month. You don’t have to pay for things that aren’t offered by the original YouTube app thanks to this modified software.

You may now be questioning if it is safe to use such an app. It is safe, yes. Using third-party APK analyzers, it has been examined for malware, viruses, and additional permissions. Installing the App on your phone is completely free.

Features of ReVanced Extended

This updated version, as expected, contains more functionality than YouTube Vanced. It is superior, more powerful, more optimised, and packed with convenient features. It would be more difficult to switch back to the standard YouTube after installing this version. With so many useful features and amazing services, it definitely spoils a user.

Additionally, YouTube ReVanced Extended App is easier to use and more versatile when it comes to trying out features that can improve your video viewing experience. Let’s go right into the highlights of this special App without further ado. The app’s top 9 features are shown below.

Alternative to YouTube

On your Android device, you can download ReVanced as an alternative YouTube app, similar to YouTube Vanced, unless you’d rather delete the original. The advantage of this functionality for users is that they can go back to the previous version if the new, incomplete ReVanced software has to be debugged.

Account Synchronisation

Users can connect their Google account to the platform in this way. This connecting feature synchronises actions, playlists, content, and a video recommendation engine.

Suitable for Use on Both Root and Non-Root Devices

YouTube ReVanced may be installed on both root and non-root devices by following a few easy steps. The fact that the official app hadn’t yet launched discouraged many Android users from continuing to develop their own ReVanced APK.

They have no reason to complain

extracting these contents and creating your own app doesn’t sound as entertaining, especially if you’re used to downloading and installing the APK directly. Furthermore, a lot of consumers assume that such procedures are designed only for rooting devices, which isn’t the case with YouTube ReVanced.

Supports MicroG

You could log into your Google account and access all of your YouTube Vanced options, and MicroG now offers the same functionality for YouTube ReVanced. This function is useful for customers who complete constructing their ReVanced version and wish to access all of their YouTube accounts, channels, liked videos, or favourite creators’ content without using the original application. However, the YouTube substitute isn’t yet available as an APK that you can download from MicroG, so you’ll need to create ReVanced and download it separately.

Background Music Playing

Without dividing your screen, you can use other apps and watch a YouTube video at the same time. Users who wish to concentrate on other activities like browsing and chatting while watching their movie on a minimised floating screen may find it useful. Users may also minimise the floating screen to only play the audio version of the video while using other apps or move it to any location on their Android screen.

App Personalizations

An open-source app is ReVanced. Users have the option to alter the program’s appearance, launcher icon, skin settings, app name, etc.

An ad-blocking service

Ad blocking and SponsorBlock are built-in capabilities of YouTube “Revised Extended.”

Dislike Return to YouTube

Return Users of YouTube Dislike (RYD) can view dislike counts, which is not possible in the original app.

Watermark Hidden

Users can see premium content for free as well as videos without watermarks.

Disable Elements

Different elements of the Revanced Extended APK can be enabled and disabled by App users.


By whitelisting to view sponsored content or material with advertisements, users may support their favourite channels.


The ReVanced app now lets you customise the YouTube launcher’s icon and name. Open-source customization is redefined by custom branding, which gives customers complete control over the user interface and lets them design their ideal platform. Additionally, this feature makes you proud of the improvements you’ve done and want to open the programme each time merely to see your own invention.

How We Created This Extended YouTube APK?

While downloading and installing the official APK directly to your Android device is the simplest way to create this ReVanced APK, there are a few simple steps you may follow to complete the process quickly. To create our own version of the ReVanced APK, we used ReVanced Builder by reisxd.

You must first download Termux, an app that works as a straight Linux environment and Android terminal emulator without requiring root access on your device.  The builder ought to begin installing on your gadget as soon as you’ve integrated it. Then, after choosing the app—in this case, YouTube you wish to patch, you must wait as the software downloads its dependencies and then the application itself.

Top 14 Functionalities of Extended Revanced

These are the top 14 features of the Advanced Extended App. This functionality improves the app’s usability.

Dark Mode

To prevent eye strain and lessen screen glare, alternate between light and dark modes.

Download Videos

Videos can be downloaded using this convenient version, which supports files up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The downloaded videos are kept in the library and are available for offline viewing.

Swipe Controls

The app uses convenient swipe controls rather than taking up valuable real estate with clickable icons. To change the brightness and loudness to the ideal setting, simply slide up or down on the sides of the panels.

Block Notifications

The majority of users detest notifications, thus it provides the option to block them for ad-free viewing.

PiP Mode

This amazing function reduces video size so that there is more room on the screen for other apps and other content.


Often, glitches and problems might cause the programme to lag or interfere with its operation. The app’s relevant faults and bugs that are preventing correct operation can be automatically fixed by enabling debugging.

Resolution Options

The viewer has complete control over the pace and quality of the video. There are several other resolution options available, including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2160p.

Auto Brightness

For a smoother streaming experience, adjust the video’s brightness to a more palatable level. Additionally, it spares the viewer’s eyes from needless strain.

Playback Speed

In the original version, you can choose the playback speed to anything between 0.5x and 1.5x. You can adjust the default settings in Revanced Extended lower or higher based on your preferences.
Using this feature will save you from having to restart the video each time it ends. After this function is turned on, the video will restart automatically.

Old Layout

If a user is unhappy with the updated, new layout of the programme, they can return to the previous layout.

Video uploading

If you want to build a YouTube channel, this tool will come in handy. Just sign up for an account on the app, then begin sharing your movies with other users.
Android 4.4 and later versions are compatible with the YouTube ReVanced. It is also not designed for devices with root access because this programme also works on devices without root access.

User Interface

The app has the most straightforward user interface and provides quick access to all key features. With just a few clicks here and there, all the frequently used features are accessible.

You’ll adore every element this fantastic programme has to offer. So why do you still wait? To use YouTube in a new way, just download the most recent, functional version of “ReVanced Extended APK”.

Download ReVanced Extended for Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices

Download ReVanced Extended for Non-Rooted Device

MicroG is a prerequisite for YouTube ReVanced installation on your Android device. Without it, the app will not function properly on your device.

  • Get the APK file by clicking on the download link provided below.
  • The installation process is very easy, just like you used to install other apps.
  • Setting up is a breeze – just as simple as installing any other app you’re accustomed to.
  • Essential: MicroG (Important: Install this application prior to Revanced Extended App installation)
  • Find the download links for both Revanced App (both General and Extended versions) and MicroG below.

Download ReVanced Extended for Rooted-Device

You must needed a rooted device with Magisk SU to install this module. You don’t have to install MicroG as it already uses Play Store Services. But you need to install MinDetach Module to avoid PlayStore dependencies.

  • MicroG is not Required.
  • Installing can be a bit tricky, so if you’re tech-savvy, you’re good to go. Otherwise, simply follow our step-by-step installation guide.
  • Necessary: MinDetach Module for bypassing Play Store dependencies.
  • Download link of both the Revanced app and ReVanced Extended are given below.

Details of ReVanced Extended Apk

NameReVanced Extended Apk
Size98.50 MB
Mod InfoBackground Play
RequirementAndroid 8.0+

ReVanced VS ReVanced Extended

The developer of ReVanced Extended, inotia00, also contributes to the main ReVanced project. ReVanced is a feature-rich software, but ReVanced Extended goes much farther by including extra features including an AMOLED theme, support for Material You, an in-app browser, and more.

Modified versions of the original YouTube app, Revanced YouTube and Revanced YouTube Extended, both offer new functionality and remove advertisements. The two versions do, however, differ significantly in certain important ways. A larger number of devices are supported by the more stable version of YouTube called ReVanced.


Here are some Frequenly Asked Questions about ReVanced Extended apk

It is free and doesn’t compromise the user experience with extra fees, therefore yes. Additionally, this updated version comes with no additional cost and includes all the features offered by YouTube Premium.

With ReVanced Extended, you may download videos, background play, and much more while getting rid of the commercials. Additionally, it includes several cutting-edge features, like channel/video whitelisting, connection with the YouTube music program, notification blocking, extensive customisation, and bespoke branding.

ReVanced Extended is secure to use, yes. It has been adopted and used by thousands of individuals. Not even a single complaint has been made against it.

It is really simple to use, just like installation. Simply open the app, log into your Google account, and make the necessary adjustments to the settings. Users can experience continuous multimedia streaming from their preferred channel because it enables customisation.

To get Youtube ReVanced Extended, browse to the official website or another reliable source and press the download button. To install the file on your phone after the download is complete, enable unknown resources and click the file.

ReVanced Extended is a ReVanced derivative project that consists solely of YouTube, YT Music, and Reddit patches. ReVanced Extended, which was independently created by inotia00, has certain more features in addition to those that ReVanced provides. August 5th, 2023 saw the end of the project.

Patch a number of apps, You can patch a number of apps using the ReVanced Manager APK platform, including Spotify, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Music, and more.

Installing YouTube ReVanced APK, an improved version of the Vanced APK, on your Android TV can serve as a replacement. Similar to Vanced, Downloader must be used to sideload the APK file. It costs nothing to download and use YouTube ReVanced APK. It also contains more intriguing features than the previous version had.


Even though it isn’t yet flawless, the YouTobe ReVanced APK has a promising future because to all the potential it offers YouTube viewers. While creating an app may sound laborious, it is definitely worth the work since, once you have this app on your smartphone, you’ll never go back to the outdated, constrained methods of basic subscriptions.